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What is Yehudi?

Yehudi is the new ground-breaking programme for the Jewish community in the UK. Run by Mizrachi UK, Yehudi is all about positive Jewish experiences and has reimagined how informal education works shifting the dynamic back to peer led leadership. It is working with schools, shuls and youth movements to revolutionise the community.

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We want to connect the Jewish community to a Judaism that is both authentic and at the same time part of the 21st century whilst developing a strong love for Israel.

Yehudi are developing the next leaders of British Jewry, to help them grow as young Jews as well as give them the necessary skills to lead our communities.

How does it work?

The Yehudi programme starts off with children from Year 6, Madrichim from Year 12 and Mentors from 1st year University. In year 6, the children participate in teams of up to 15 people in their primary school.

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Over the course of the year, they have monthly sessions on the relevant theme (e.g. Purim or Yom Ha’Atzmaut). They also partake in challenges to win points for their team and school and enter into the national competition to win prizes! This culminates in an end of year challenge for all.

These year 6 students are led by the year 12 Madrichim. These Madrichim are some of the best and brightest minds in the UK and are phenomenal role models for the children.

Our talented year 12 Madrichim are assisted and guided by their Mentors. These Mentors are recent graduates of Yeshiva or Sem and again are wonderful role models for the year 12’s. They engage regularly with the Madrichim and ensure they are doing what needs to be done in each school.

The Yehudi programme continues beyond primary school as the participants progress through schooling and life. This means as the year 6s move into year 7, they have their now familiar year 13 Madrichim to help guide them through the complexities of starting a new school. From this point (i.e. year 7 – 11), the Yehudi programme moves out of the schools and enters into the communities, thereby bringing in multiple cohorts consistently to communities. Through this unique continuity programme, participants retain their school friends and inspirational role models as they progress through secondary school, helping them possess a positive sense of wellbeing and connection to the community.

All of this is led and managed by a dedicated Senior Leadership Team, as well as the executive management of Mizrachi UK


Yehudi is proudly supported by our partners

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