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Each Mentor has been hand picked directly from some of the best high-level Torah learning institutions in the world. After an interview process and an assessment of suitability for Yehudi, these Mentors join onto the Yehudi programme and begin getting to know the year 12 Madrichim who they will be mentoring.

We believe that leading by example and positive role models is truly the way forward to building a better and more vibrant Jewish community in the UK. Through this peer-to-peer leadership, the Madrichim are exposed to a true dugma chaya, living example of what it means to be a religious Jew in the modern world and all that comes with that.

Our Yehudi Mentors join us on our Shabbatonim and trips whilst constantly supporting the Madrichim in their leadership responsibilities. They encourage personal and spiritual development and growth, both for themselves and their Madrichim.

Our Mentors

The Mentors are the beating heart of Yehudi. With a deep passion and commitment for the Torah and for Israel, the Mentors train up the Madrichim and are there for them at every step of their journey.

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